# User Profile

The User Profile contains all the basic information about the user and the functions of changing the password and issuing personal API access tokens.

# Editing Profile

Profile header contains Profile Image (Avatar) and the Interface language selector.


  • To edit the avatar, click on it in the upper left corner and upload a new image in the dialog box that opens. After downloading image crop it and «Save» result.

    ⚠️ The uploaded image should not exceed 5 MB.

  • To change the interface language, select the option from the list in the upper right corner of your profile.

The main tab of Profile contains general information about the user – Name, E-mail, information about the Organization and Phone. It also has functions for changing password and timezone: the Security section and the Timezone selector.

  • To change any information in the Profile, enter a new value in the required field and confirm the change by clicking «Save».
  • To change the time zone, select the desired zone from the list «Time Zone» in section «Additional Info».
  • To change password, in the «Security» section enter current password in field «Current password» and new password in field «New password». If the new password meets the requirements, confirm the change by clicking «Save».

    The password should be at least 6 characters long and contain numbers and uppercase and lowercase letters of the Latin or Russian alphabet.

# Notification channels

The Notifications tab of the Profile contains information about your contacts for notification methods connected to Acure. Contacts on the list are used to generate mailing lists in Workgroups.


To add a contact for a notification method, enter the required value in the text box and click «Save». For some standard notification channels, the Profile contains instructions for obtaining contact information from external systems and connecting it to mailing lists.

Some channels integrated with Acure may not have embedded instructions. To resolve issues on specific notification channels, contact the Administrator of your Acure workspace.

# Token for public API

The API Access tab allows you to write out a personal authorization token for making requests to the public API Acure.

For the issue of a new token, do the following:

  1. Enter a description of the token in the appropriate field (optional)
  2. Select the scope of the token:
    • Read – token will work only for data query
    • Write – the token will work for data edit requests
  3. Select token expiration:
    • Infinite – the token will be valid until it is withdrawn by hand
    • Interim – the token will be valid only until that date (will be withdrawn automatically)
  4. Confirm registration token - click «Issue Token»



For security purposes, the issued token is encrypted and displayed once in the upper right corner of the screen. In parallel with this, the token is automatically placed in the clipboard. It is recommended to save the token, as it is not possible to retrieve its value again.

Under the Token Issue form, you will find a list of all your Active and Withdrawn tokens.

You can Edit active token – click «✏️» and change the description or token expiration date. Or you can Revoke an active token – click «Revoke», and the token will move to the bottom of the list.

Revoked tokens provide information about the date of expiry (useful in automatic revocation token) and can only be Removed – to do this, click on the Trash icon in front of the token.

# Active sessions

On the "Profile" tab information about active user sessions is available.

The current session is marked with a corresponding tag.

If necessary, the current user can either end all sessions or end sessions separately using the corresponding buttons in the interface.