# Update 2.2 (13.01.2023)

# Basic information

🔥 A notable update in 2.2 is a basic implementation for collecting and storing metrics in the system. Based on this, a full-fledged service for analyzing time series and creating rules for managing thresholds is coming soon. UI for managing metrics in the system to create a signal and link to CI will be implemented in the next release.

🔥 We also released a new version of the Acure Agent with a built-in HTTP plugin. This allows requests to the API of external information systems on the Acure system Agent.

🔥 In the same release, a new functionality for managing CI types through the system interface has been implemented.

🔥 Last but not least, we added the functionality of providing access to Signals to other Workgroups, which already have access to Signal-related CIs.

🛠️ Also, work was done in terms of optimization and bug fixing.

# Automation

  • In the space settings, you can now specify the duration for storing the history of script launches
  • Increased timeout for executing API call functions

# Bug fixing

  • Error when searching for logs in the SM Journal by CI name
  • Error when displaying the page when searching for scripts
  • Fixed a bug in the mechanics when double-clicking on signal cells
  • Fixed visual errors in KE parameters
  • Fixed a bug where archived CIs were not selected when mass-selecting CIs
  • Fixed a bug where a user with read rights could delete SM cards and manage service modes
  • Fixed a bug in the behavior of the page when deleting the thread in which the user is located
  • Fixed a bug that caused incorrect processing of an invalid request for creating a CI, deleting/creating links and changing a life cycle
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect display of the current health of the CI after deleting the connection of influence
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to make a variable protected
  • Fixed a bug in the form of creating a CI
  • Fixed a bug where the current Owner was displayed twice in the list of available WG
  • Fixed various errors in the work of CI in the archived status
  • Fixed various errors in CI filtering and map generation
  • Minor defects in menu layout and signal layout
  • Fixed a bug on the SM map "Failed to get information about the configuration item"
  • Fixed display of primary event JSON copy button for large events
  • Fixed the order of pins when exporting/importing for scripts containing the StringConcat function
  • Fixed the screenshot layout before the problematic step of the Autotest project
  • Fixed layout of the SM tabular view when loading data by scrolling
  • Fixed search for primary events when filling in the search phrase incorrectly
  • Fixed incorrect display of the copy button ID CI on the SM map
  • Fixed display of long SM map names