# Update 2.1 (15.12.2022)

# Basic information

What's new in Acure version 2.1:

🔥 Optimization and various improvements of services. Optimization of the Service Model for working with a graph and other screens in spaces with several hundreds of thousands of CIs.

🔥 Implementation of new functions on the automation engine, allowing you to use new features of the SM API in automation scenarios. New function FilterConfigItemsExtended for high-performance scenarios.

🔥 Table CMDB view.

🔥 Manual Signal creation. Improved functionality of the Signals interface with new elements, as well as updating of data on Websockets.

🔥 Supported new versions of Zabbix and VMWare vCenter.

🔥 Fixed some errors of varying severity.

# Service Model

# Interface

The Service Model interface has been updated:

  • In the Signals interface, transitions from the pop-up of related CIs to the Settings and Health of the selected CI have been added
  • Added the ability to customize and save the user's view for the "Service Model Maps" screen in a table or detailed view:
    • For CMDB table view:
      • Customizing the composition of the table, including the ability to display certain labels and CI attributes as columns
      • Adjust table column order
    • For a detailed view of the CMDB:
      • Customize the order of the tabs of the left group
      • Setting the display of CI parameters in the list
  • Added the possibility of multiple selections of CI
  • Added functions of multiple operations on CI
    • Archiving
    • Unzip
    • Removal
  • Added data update in CMDB table via Websocket
  • Added support for Zabbix 6.2+ when working with CI attributes (ZabbixHosts, ZabbixTriggers)
  • The "Create CI" button has been transformed into a multifunction button Create , for the following objects:
    • Configuration Item
    • Signal
    • Maintenance mode
  • The Service Model map settings button "moved" to the additional menu of the Service Model map
  • Improved performance of CMDB services
  • Optimized the Service Model to work with a graph and other screens in spaces with several hundred thousand CIs

# Public API

To speed up work with API SM, we have optimized the processing of some existing requests:

  • CI status calculation service
  • Processing a request to create a CI
  • Processing a request for filtering CI by tags
  • Processing a request for filtering CI
  • Processing a request for filtering CI by attributes
  • Processing a request to delete a CI
  • Processing a request to create links between CIs

# Signals

Several new features have been added to the interface of our new functionality - Signals.

Among the improvements:

  • The tab with Actions now has detailed information about related and performed actions, with the ability to open detailed information on them. For each action, you can now view:
    • Type of
    • Operation name
    • Lead time
  • Added a new optional filter by signal duration. When you select this attribute when filtering, you can choose:
    • Comparison operator: >, <
    • Integer value: at least 1
    • Unit: min, h, d
  • Websockets connected to the table - now you can track updates of Signals data in real-time:
  • The ability to bind Signals to Archive CIs is limited - archived CIs are excluded from the list of available for binding in the Signal
    • Additionally, the same feature is limited when linking via API
  • Added a tab with all the labels of the Signal - now, in addition to a special field in the table, you can familiarize yourself with the labels of a particular Signal in a special tab of the modal window
  • Separated completed and pending actions of Signals - for action icons in the table and modal window, distinctive features have been added to indicate that the action is scheduled or already completed
  • Added the ability to manually create a Signal
  • Added the date and type of the last event in the Signals information table

# Automation

Automaton is enriched with new built-in features in this update

For the Service Model management library, new functions for mass management of CIs with their connections have been added:

  • «CreateConfigItemsBatch» - mass creation of CIs
  • «GetConfigItemsBatch» - request data on the CI array
  • «UpdateConfigItemsBatch» - implements a request to the CI array update API
  • "SetStageByCategoryBatch" - mass update of CI
  • «CreateLinksBatch» - bulk creation of links
  • «DeleteLinksBatch» - mass deletion of links with indication of their types

The library of basic functions has been updated:

  • «ArraySelect» - takes an array of structures as input and creates arrays of elements of these structures
  • «DynamicMerge» - allows you to merge two objects of type Dynamic into one
  • «DynamicContains» - allows you to determine the presence of a given field in the object
  • «StringContains» - allows you to determine if the specified substring occurs within the given string

Other features added:

  • Added "lazy" loading to script launch history
  • The AutomatonHTTPRequest function and all functions for working with the Service Model and Signals have been added to the request execution time in the outgoing Response pin
  • Script run history objects are not loaded automatically, but only upon user request
  • The time of displaying events in the script run history is set to "Last 30 minutes" by default
  • Optimized loading speed for large scenarios
  • Added new function FilterConfigItemsExtended for high performance scripting

# Reports

  • Implemented the ability to export custom reports via the public API in JSON format
  • Normalized date and time formats for Excel reports

# Other

  • Updated the standard Zabbix agent plugin: support for receiving data from Zabbix ver. 6.2+
  • Updated vCenter agent plugin to support new versions of VMWare products
  • Service Model auto-building service from vCenter has been switched to Low-code script
  • Optimized and reduced the number of active microservices Acure

# Error correction

# Service Model

  • Fixed error adding CI to the Map when the rights in the WG do not match
  • Fixed incorrect color of CI links in the Service Model
  • Implemented highlighting unavailable for selection CI when creating a connection
  • Fixed filter by date/time in Maintenance scheduling interface
  • Selecting a service start date in the future is no longer blocked
  • Blocked the ability to select archive CIs when creating a Service in the interface
  • Blocked the ability to select archive CIs when creating a Service via the API
  • Fixed the work of the combination with the "Shift" key in the CI list
  • Corrected the display of the CI context menu at the bottom of the Service Model
  • Returned notification about changing the current CI filter to update the displayed Service Model
  • Implemented auto-updating the impact on the health of CI
  • Fixed layout when hiding/expanding the list of CIs
  • Adjusted the Service Model role model to provide access to change personal cards to users with read rights
  • Fixed conditions in Service Model filters
  • Starting filter when opening Service Model changed to "Active CI"
  • Restored Websockets work in Service Model
  • Users without rights to the Service Model have restored access to viewing the operational Maps of the Service Model
  • Corrected error text on Service Model screen
  • Fixed automatic update of the Service Model Graph when deleting a link between CIs
  • Fixed CMDB filter operation
  • Added check for CI uniqueness when changing CI type via API
  • Fixed creation of child CI - the owner is specified in the add form
  • Fixed creation of a link of submission with a direct transfer of health
  • Fixed title display in maintenance mode deletion confirmation window
  • Fixed deletion of the owner of the subordinate CI when deleting the parent CI
  • Removed the limit of 1000 objects in the public API Service Model
  • Fixed creation of a subordinate CI via the context menu on the Service Model Graph

# Signals

  • Adjusted filtering of Signals by tags
  • Fixed filter by date/time in Signals interface
  • Corrected display of Signals with all levels of criticality
  • Fixed renaming display of renamed CI in the Signals interface
  • Fixed display of the Notification Action by a non-system method
  • Fixed display of signal list with more than 12 items
  • Fixed layout of columns in the Signals table
  • Fixed the behavior of the popup window in the Signal table
  • Fixed display of signals in the table after applying sorting
  • Optimized the screen for working with Signals
  • Fixed displaying the execution time of pending Actions when creating a signal
  • Fixed the function of sorting signals by the Events column
  • Fixed a bug when opening the Actions tab of the Signal card

# Automation

  • Fixed the behavior of the "Copy to clipboard " action in the Automation section
  • Fixed incorrect status code "0" of function «UnbindTagsFromSignal» with invalid parameters
  • Fixed the logic of distribution of route nodes when running several Automaton runners at the same time
  • Fixed the logic of the Automation function `«ConvertToDynamic»``
  • Fixed error non-exhaustive switch expression in functions DynamicMerge

# Availability

  • Fixed numbering of steps in the problem filter on the Availability screen
  • Returned an error when trying to export an outdated report
  • Fixed filtering by tags in the Availability section
  • Fixed calculation of the RTO indicator when the selected range is <1000 milliseconds

# Collector

  • Correctly described the error of starting a stream with empty parameters
  • Fixed bug with renaming saved filters on the screen "Events and Logs"
  • Fixed display of the creation date of the script version Flow Tasks
  • Restored Websockets work in Streams
  • Fixed clearing the Password field when changing other Stream parameters
  • Fixed incorrect type conversion on the "Events and Logs" screen
  • Fixed bugs when saving a filter on the Events and logs screen

# Other

  • Fixed layout of the address input line when adding new users to the space
  • Fixed minor layout flaws in the Main Menu
  • Fixed layout of notifications in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Fixed layout hints
  • Restored work of Websockets in Autotests
  • Fixed display of the history of user actions
  • Fixed description of objects when deleting Working Group
  • Fixed problem with displaying general information on reports in "Custom Reports (API)" exported to JSON
  • Fixed incorrect display of the title in the "Debug Options" window of the Alert Method
  • Fixed layout issues