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Here you can find manuals, terms, interface insights, scenarios examples, different templates and a lot of useful information about our AIOPs-platform for automated monitoring and data correlation.

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Various Data Sources and Integrations

Use integration templates to connect and collect data from various external data sources, e.g., monitoring systems and logging tools

Low-code Automation and Unified CMDB

Use basic low-code functions to write automation scenarios for building a CMDB or creating the signals for event correlation. Develop your own scenarios or install prebuilt scripts

Synthetic monitoring (Autotests)

Learn how to audit your business processes and use continuous testing of service interfaces using machine vision

Service Model Maps

Learn how to customize your infrastructure model using topology-based Service Maps

Root cause and impact analysis

Figure out how to monitor your infrastructure objects' health and their impact on each other and find the cause of the incident using connections on the map

Useful actions

Find out how to adjust alerts, notifications and other automatic actions